Surah al Baqarah -Part 8

97-98 Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was commanded to tell the people that anyone who showed animosity towards Jibreel عليه السلام, then, he must known that it was Jibreel عليه السلام who brought this Quran upon the heart of Prophet Muhammad ﷺ, with the permission of Allah, and as a confirmation of all the Heavenly scriptures (Torah, Injīl..) that preceded it, and as a guidance to salvation and glad tidings of an everlasting Paradise for the believers.

Thus, whoever is an enemy to Allah, and His angels, and His Messengers -and especially to angels Jibreel and Mika’īl عليهما السلام – then let it be known to those people, that indeed, Allah is an enemy to all the disbelievers.

99 For indeed, what was sent down by Allah upon Prophet Muhammad ﷺ are the clear Heavenly verses, and none shall disbelieve in them except for then ungodly.

100-101 Whenever the Bani Israel make a covenant with Allah, a group of them has to cast it away, because, most of them do not truly believe in it.

For whenever a Messenger came to them from Allah, and he fulfilled the signs of his description within Torah, a group of those to whom the Scripture was given cast the Book of Allah behind their backs as thou they did not know it to be true.

102-103 And prior to this, they followed what the devils deceptively recited to their predecessor during the reign of Suleiman عليه السلام. Indeed, Prophet Suleiman عليه السلام neither disbelieved, nor practiced sorcery, as they have alleged, but it was the devils who disbelieved and taught people sorcery.

Moreover, these people followed into unbelief what was sent down to the two angels of Babylon, Harūt and Marūt, yet those two angels did not teach anyone without first informing them that they are but a test of faith sent from Allah to expose the evil of sorcery, so it’d be good for people not to disbelieve by learning it. But even then, they did learn the magic from them by which they could separate a man from his wife. Yet they could not harm anyone with it except by the permission of Allah. And they learned what would harm their own souls rather than benefit them.

Most surely, they knew that whoever acquired this evil knowledge will have no share of Paradise in the Hereafter, so how woeful is the price for which they sold their own souls, if they were to know the gravity of their sin.

And had they believed and been God-fearing, then their reward from Allah would indeed have been far better, if they only they were to know.

104- Allah prohibits the believers from saying to the Prophet ﷺ: “Ra’ina” (pay heed to us), and commanded them to say: “Unzurna” (grant us consideration), and to listen attentively to their Messenger ﷺ.

And as for the disbelievers, there certainly would be a most painful torment.

105- The one’s who have disbelieved from among the People of the Book, along with the polytheist, wish that nothing good would ever be sent down to the believers from Allah. But it is Allāh who singles out whoever He wills for His mercy.

And Allah alone is the Possessor of Magnificent Bounty.

106- Whatever decree or verse Allah abrogates, or causes to be forgotten, is replaced by something better for the welfare of humanity, or something that is similar to it.

Do you not then know that Allah is indeed powerful over all things?

107-108 Do you not know that to Allah alone belongs all the dominion over the heavens and the earth and that you do not have, apart from Allah, any patron or supporter to help you?

Or is it that you believers wish to question your Messenger ﷺ as Musa عليه السلام was questioned before by his people? Yet whoever replaces faith with unbelief has truly strayed far from the even way.

109- Many among the People of the Book would love to turn you back into disbelievers after your coming to faith, purely out of the envy that has grown in their souls, even after the truth became manifest to them.

Pardon and overlook this as believers, until Allah brings about whatever He shall decree regarding them. Indeed, Allah is powerful over all things.

110- Duly establish the Salah, and give Zakah, for whatever good you advance for your souls, you’ll find its reward with Allah. Indeed, Allah is all-seeing of all that you do.

Surah al Baqarah – Part 7

83- And a covenant was taken of the Bani Israel that commanded them to worship Allah alone, and to be kind to their parents and close relatives, as well as the orphans and the needy. They were also commanded to speak to people in a good manner and to establish the prayer and give charity. Thereafter, all but a few of them turned away from this covenant.

84-85 Another covenant was taken from Bani Israel prohibiting them from shedding the blood of their own and that they’d not expel one another from their dwellings, and they bore witness to this and consented.

Later, though, they treacherously killed and expelled a group of their faith-community from their dwellings and stood against them with the unbelievers. And when those people were seized by the unbelievers and brought as captives to Bani Israel, they’d ransom them according to the Law of Torah, while their expulsion was unlawful for them in the first place. They believed in part of the Scripture and disbelieved in other parts of it, so the recompense for such people will only be disgrace in this life and on the Day of Resurrection they’ll be driven towards the torment of Hell-fire along as wrongdoers.

Allah is never heedless of what these people do.

86- These people are the ones who have purchased the life of this world at the cost of their afterlife, thus their torment will never be lightened for them, nor will they ever be helped against Allah’s punishment.

87- Musa عليه السلام was given the Scripture, and in his footsteps, many messengers were sent to the Bani Israel. And Eisa عليه السلام, the son of Maryam, was given clear and miraculous proofs to confirm his truth to them. Moreover, he was also helped with Angel Jibreel عليه السلام .

But, whenever a Messenger came to them with a message that went against the desires of their souls, those people arrogantly belied some of the messengers while killing the others.

88- Certainly, they have claimed that their hearts are encased in their own religion against further revelation.

Rather, it is Allah who has cursed them for this disbelief, thus, very little do they believe.

89-90 And regarding this revelation, when this Book came to them from Allah confirming all that is with them, they belied it even though they were ardently seeking the victory of Allah over the disbelievers prior to its revelation. Yet, they denied the true message that was sent to them after recognising it.

Thus, the curse of Allah is upon the disbelievers.

They’ve sold their for a wretched price. They disbelieved in what Allah has sent sheerly out of malice- envious that Allah can send guidance from His bounty upon whomever He so wills from among His slaves. Thus, they’ve brought wrath upon wrath on themselves, and for the disbelievers there will be a disgraceful torment.

91- When it is said to them that they Believe in what Allan has sent down, they claim that they only believe in what was sent to them. And they disbelieve in what is beyond that, even though it is the truth confirming what is already with them.

So the Prophet Muhammad ﷺ was told to ask them why did they kill the prophets of Allah in the past who came especially to them, if indeed they’re true believers in what was sent to them?

92-93 Musa عليه السلام came to them with clear proofs from Allah yet they took the Golden Calf s a god after him, when he had departed to receive Torah. Thus, they became idolatrous wrongdoers.

And when the pledge was taken from them to fulfil the covenant of their Lord, and Mount Tur was lifted above them, and they were commanded to take hold of all that was given to them in covenant with utmost power, and they were told to hear. Bani Israel said that they hear and disobey because the profound adoration of calf had infused deep into their hearts because of their incessant disbelief in Allah.

So, just tell them, that woeful is their false faith that bids them, if indeed they’re true believers.

94-95-96 Tell Bani Israel that if the abode of the Hereafter with Allah is indeed purely for them, to the exclusion of all the other people, then they should wish for death, if they’re, indeed, truthful.

But they’ll never wish for it, for they truly know what their hands in this life have earned for the Hereafter and Allah is all-knowing about the wrongdoers.

And so, you’ll find them the most eager of all people for this worldly life, even more than the ones who associate gods with Allah. They would love that their lives be prolonged for a thousand years- though, this still would not remove them from the torment of Hell-fire, even if he lived for that long. Allah is all-seeing of all that they do.

Surah al Baqarah – Part 6

72- Bani Israel were told to recall the time when they killed a person and contended against one another on the matter, and Allah was soon to bring to light all that they were suppressing.

73- And they were commanded to strike the one who was slain, with part of the slaughtered cow, and that brought him to life.

This is how Allah would give life to the dead and show His miraculous signs so that the people may reflect and believe.

74- Nonetheless, their hearts had hardened after witnessing all the signs, so some became like stones or even harder; there are stones in nature that are softer than the hearts of hypocrites and defiantly disobedient slaves of their Lord, rivers gush forth through these rocks. And there are other stones that split asunder and water issues from them, while some of them fall down in pure awe of their Lord.

Indeed, Allah is never heedless of what His slaves do.

75-76 So after all that has transpired, do the believers still hope for this group to profess belief, while a group of them would hear the words of their Lord in Torah and go on to altering them after having understood them properly.

So, when they meet the believers they profess faith, and when they go back to their people in seclusion, they ask one another about what Allah has revealed to them in Torah compared with what the believers have. They fear the believers will argue against them before their Lord using the revelation.

77-78 Do they not know that Allah knows all that they conceal and go on to reveal?

And, then there’s an illiterate group among them, which has no knowledge of the Scripture and follows their vague fancies, and it follows nothing but conjecture.

79- Woe betide all those who write the Scripture with their hands and then claim it is from their Lord in exchange for a small price.

So, they have been cursed for what they wrote and cursed for making it a source of their earning.

80- Moreover, they go on to claim that they’ll never be touched by the fire of Hell in the Hereafter, except for a numbered days.

Ask them if they’ve made a covenant with their Lord promising them this? For Allah will never fail His covenant.

Or, it is yet the case, that they say about Allah that which they truly don’t know?

81-82 The truth is that whoever has sinned and is encompassed by his sin, then he will be among the Companions of Hell-fire, abiding therein forever.

Yet, those who truly believe and do righteous deeds, they’ll be among the Companions of Everlasting Gardens of Paradise, abiding therein forever.

The Purpose of Education

Education is not accumulating and regurgitating data; reading and writing is a very small part of it, and so is memorisation. Critical analysis and constructive thinking need to be taught from an earlier age. We don’t need anymore parrots, we need creative solution providers.

‎Education systems are dumbing down people; you have to process information and learn how to apply what was taught to you. When Quran was sent down, it answered questions of the people around the Messenger ﷺ, companions and others were forced to think for a period of 23 years.

‎Prophet Muhammad ﷺ encouraged thinking and the remembrance of Allah included meditating, pondering, questioning and bringing a change in their societies through their thoughts and actions. Continue your learning so that you continue changing.

Halaqah in Masjid

I love being part of early morning Friday Quran sessions, or the ones in later afternoon. You get to hang around the serious seekers of knowledge who aren’t there just to pray and disappear, but to help out with the studies and teaching. All businesses are closed for Friday Prayer across the Middle East, and people get back to work once the prayer is over, or they just go back to their families/friends for gatherings at homes or public places. The seekers of knowledge, though, rarely take a weekend off from learning unless they’re traveling.

Surah al Baqarah – Part 5

60- How Musa عليه السلام sought drinking water for his people needs to be recalled as he was commanded to strike the stone with his staff. Twelve springs burst forth and each tribe knew which spring belonged to it. They were then told to eat and drink freely from the generous provision provided to them by their Lord. And they were commanded to refrain from mischief on this Earth.

61- And recall when Bani Israel complained to Musa عليه السلام of getting tired with one kind of food and wanted Musa عليه السلام to ask Allah for variation from what the earth grows- the herbs, cucumbers, garlics, lentils, and onions.

Musa عليه السلام reprimanded them for seeking the earthly substitutes for the heavenly meals and told them to go find what they desire in any township. This caused them humiliation and indigence as they has brought their Lord’s wrath upon themselves purely for their disbelief in The revealed signs of the Lord and killed His Prophets without any right.

And they were so because of their disobedience towards their Lord and persistently transgressed His covenant.

62- As for the ones who believe in Islam, and Judaism, and the Christians, as well as the Sabians (followers of certain prophets) whoever had faith in Allah and believed in the Last Day and do works of righteousness in their lives, they shall be given their full reward by their Lord, and no fear nor grief will touch them.

63-64-65-66 Also recall the time when the pledge was taken from Bani Israel to fulfill the Covenant by taking hold of it with utmost power and Mount Tūr was lifted above them, and they were commanded to be mindful of what was prescribed in it, so that they could be truly God-fearing.

But they turned away from this, and had it not been for the Grace of their Lord and His Mercy, they would have lost paradise in the afterlife.

Indeed, the Children of Israel knew what became of those who violated the Sabbath- they were turned into apes as an exemplary punishment for the people of their time. That also became an addition for the succeeding generations.

67-68-69-70 Moreover, when Musa عليه السلام said to his people that Allah commands them to slaughter a cow in charitable sacrifice, they thought their Prophet was jesting with them. Musa عليه السلام sought refuse in his Lord from ever being of the ignorant who mock the Lord’s commands.

His people then asked him for clearer signs from Allah as to what sort of cow it may be. It was detailed to be neither old nor a calf but somewhere in the midrange. And they were commanded to follow the order.

The people asked Musa عليه السلام to confirm the colour of the cow from their Lord and they were told to select a yellow cow whose colour would gladden all the beholders.

Yet again, they told Musa عليه السلام to ask their Lord to clear their confusion because all cows appeared the same to them, and they wanted to be guided aright.

71- Musa عليه السلام said that that particular cow must not have been ever used to poke the land, nor to water the tillage, and the cow that was kept sound without any blemish. The people understood and acknowledged the truth their Prophet spoke and reluctantly went ahead and slaughtered the cow.

Mushaf at Tadwīn

‎Another way to memorise Quran is to practice writing the verses down.

The Quran with Uthmāni script has been divided into three parts and the pages are empty waiting to be filled by the students. ⁦‪#write‬⁩ ⁧‫#الكويت‬⁩

These types of books/Quran is also known as مُصحف التَّدوين (Mus-haf at-Tadwīn)