None Besides Allah

لَا تَخَافَآ ۖ إِنَّنِى مَعَكُمَآ

Don’t fear, I am with you.

—Allah ﷻ, Qur’an 20:46

A year into the pandemic, continuous lockdown crisis and so many other challenges at our doorsteps that people are losing the will to carry on.

Even though it doesn’t look like this will come to an end, we must remember as believers in Allah and the Last Day that this life is a test for all of us. And right now, we are in another phase of this test.

Tests are of various kinds, and Allah has been consistently watching us throughout our lives to see if we will still prioritize Him above everything else. We must not lose the sight of our goals here.

رَّبُّكُمْ أَعْلَمُ بِمَا فِي نُفُوسِكُمْ

  Your Lord is best aware of what is in your hearts.

— Surah Al-Isra [17:25]

Allah knows what we are dealing with, and He has promised us reward for remaining patient and focused. He hasn’t forgotten us and His promises haven’t changed.

One of the best ways to rescue your heart is by reciting Quran, or listening to its recitation at the very least.

Give yourself doses of Quran daily. Spend time reflecting on the verses for 30 minutes and see how it shifts your perspective.

This practice will cleanse your heart and put the light of faith back.

Start now.

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