Quran: Reflection & Action Series 4

سورة التكاثر
Period of Revelation:
In Makkah, after Surah Al Kawthar.

Purpose of Revelation:
To pull back the hearts drowning in worldly illusions and often get distracted and disconnected from the afterlife.

Don’t let the competition in worldly affairs make you forget your purpose in this life.
Even if you forget the blessings you enjoyed during this life, Allah will ask you about them as everything is being measured and recorded.

Call to Action:
Visit graves and remember death.
Thank Allah for His blessings.
Use His blessings in doing good.

سورة القارعة
Period of Revelation:
In Makkah, after Surah Quraysh.

Purpose of Revelation:
One of the names of the Day of Judgement, telling people about the horrors and seriousness of that Day.

Comparison is made between the status of mountains on that Day and people to show the contrast.
Scales become heavy with good deeds.

Call to Action:
Do good and be consistent in doing good.
Stay away from evil.

سورة العاديات
Period of Revelation:
In Makkah, after Surah Al Asr.

Purpose of Revelation:
First part of the Surah contains the prophecy shared with the Messenger of Allah ﷺ.

Humans know the truth deep down.
Allah knows what people hide and He will bring out the hidden secrets on the Day of Judgement in the open.

Call to Action:
Follow the Messenger ﷺ.
Work on purification of your heart.

سورة الزلزلة
Period of Revelation:
In Madinah, after Surah Al Nisaa.

Purpose of Revelation:
To show what will happen to the earth on the Day of Judgement so everyone can prepare ahead.

There will be the final earthquake where earth will spill its treasures, the bodies it contains, be given the ability to speak so it’ll testify and tell what happened on its surface.

Do whatever good is within your capacity as you’ll be rewarded for it.
Even the tiniest of deeds, good and bad, will be recorded and shown on the Final Day.

Call to Action:
Pray in different places on this Earth so those places become a witness for you.
Don’t belittle smiling at others.
Hold yourself accountable.
Stay away from sinning.

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