Quran: Reflection & Action Series 3

سورة الماعون
Period of Revelation:
Revealed in Makkah, after Surah at Takathur.

Purpose of Revelation:
To reveal how the charitable acts by disbelievers were superficial and benefitted no one.

Beware of being among these people who hurt orphans and don’t look after them, delay their prayers and are insincere.

Call to Action:
Give in charity sincerely for the sake of Allah.
Feed the poor and take care of the orphans around you.
Do more than just fund programs for orphans- really make time for them.
Pray on time.

سورة قريش
Period of Revelation:
In Makkah, after Surah at Teen.

Purpose of Revelation:
To show Allah’s favours upon the tribe of Quraysh.

Blessings of our Lord necessitate that we sincerely thank Him for the safety and security He provided us with.

Call to Action:
Praise Allah for His blessings.
Increase your daily Remembrance of your Lord.
Be grateful and share your Lord’s blessings with others.

سورة الفيل

Period of Revelation:
In Makkah, after Surah Al Kafirun.

Purpose of Revelation:
To show how Allah protects His House and has control over His creation. Even wealth cannot deter the wrath of Allah.

How Allah’s creation submits to His command.

Call to Action:
Pray to Allah, especially during the difficulties.
Have faith and trust Allah.

سورة الهمزة
Period of Revelation:
In Makkah, revealed after Surah Al Qiyamah.

Purpose of Revelation:
Traits of the misguided people, as opposed to the traits of the believers mentioned in Surah Al Asr.

Don’t let your wealth deceive you.
Backbiting, gossipping, slandering and creating trouble for others is forbidden and a major sin as it causes a lot of harm to mankind.

Call to Action:
Stay away from slander, gossip and backbiting.
Seek Allah’s forgiveness.
Give charity.

سورة العصر
Period of Revelation:
In Makkah, after Surah Al Sharh.

Purpose of Revelation:
Value of time and traits of believers are mentioned here.

Time is of essence so you must value it.
Faith comes beforr righteous deeds and actions.
Righteous actions are to be followed by helping others in finding truth.
Believers must show patience.

Call to Action:
Excel in managing your time.
Prioritise your religion over worldly affairs.
Be patient.

Link to the Zoom Session: Zoom Session

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