Quran: Reflection & Action Series 2

سورة المسد

Period of Revelation:
In Makkah, during the early stages of Prophethood
Revealed after Surah Al Fatiha, before Surah At Takweer

Purpose of Revelation:
To show the ultimate end of Abu Lahab and his wife, Umm Jameel.

Warning to those who make the lives of the believers difficult.

Call to Action:
Give charity
Help believers

سورة النصر

Period of Revelation:
In Madinah, after Surah at Tawbah

Purpose of Revelation:
End of the Prophet’s mission on this Earth, and preparation for him to return to His Lord.

Help of Allah eventually leads to victory.
Importance of remembering Allah, praising Him and seeking His forgiveness.

Call to Action:
Be prepared to help new believers.
Call others to Islam.
Do Dhikr often: سبحان الله وبحمده
Repent often: استغفر الله

سورة الكافرون

Period of Revelation:
In Makkah, after Surah Al Maun, right before the command of Hirjah was sent.

Purpose of Revelation:
To dissociate from Shirk

Dangers of following others who call to evil.

Call to Action:
Recite Surah Al Kafirun in first Rakah and Surah Al Ikhlaas in the second Rakah of Sunnah prayers of Fajr and Maghreb.

سورة الكوثر

Period of Revelation:
Revealed in Makkah, after Surah Al Adiyat and before Surah Al Takathur.

Purpose of Revelation:
In praise and honour of the Final Messenger ﷺ.

Praising and honouring the Messenger ﷺ.
Command to pray and sacrifice purely for the sake of Allah.
End of those who dishonour the Messenger ﷺ.

Call to Action:
Send Salawat upon the Messenger ﷺ often.
Study his Seerah.
Apply his Sunnah.

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