A Fresh Start Before Ramadan

Make Quran your constant companion; the more you sit with it, the more it honours you, gives you its secrets and elevates your status.

This world is designed to distract you and the Quran is designed to remind you.

Ibn al-Qayyim said :
“If your heart is thirsty, then do not quench it except with the Quran, and if your heart feels empty then do not fill it up except with the remembrance of Allah.”

Just remember there’s always barakah when you recite the Quran. Try to make an effort this season to build a connection with the Quran by reciting it whenever you can, even if it’s a line or two, read something everyday. This way, you’ll be able to do more during Ramadan.

كل الأشياء إن تركتها تذبل إلا القرآن إن تركته ذبلت
“Everything you neglect will deteriorate except the Quran: If you neglecting it, it is you who deteriorates.”


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