Breathe with Ease

Recite Quran at a pace where you neither run out of breath quickly, nor mispronounce or skip the rulings.

If you run out of breath easily, then relax and work with prolonging your breath by reciting shorter ayat again and again.
Verses like the last verse of Surah Quraysh, at Takathur, the first verse of Surah Al Bayyinah are good to practice with.

Don’t try to recite more than a verse in one breath, you’ll risk running out of it in the second one and will have to repeat it again.

Sitting straight with a proper posture helps in easing your breath.

Don’t rock back and forth where your recitation will be flowing in waves as the words will needlessly stretch or read incorrectly.


  1. This title “Breathe with Ease” Sounds so meditational 🙂
    Only If people know what this means “Don’t rock back and forth” because this is considered the new normal now a days.


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