Three Years

There are people who look up to you, in silence and in secret because they think you know more than them.

Knowing more doesn’t mean feeling less: it is feeling more, hurting more, wishing and worrying more.

You know what? I’m a human being too, people tend to forget that.

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  1. Alhamdulillah, there is good in that.

    To feel more is to be able to receive more of Allah’s blessings when they come upon you,
    If you are hurt more, Allah is closer to you, for He hates to see someone wronged,
    To wish more is to ask Allah more, and so He will respond to you more,
    And to worry is to be able to see all the ways in which the remembrance of Allah can put you at rest if you were to look for it.

    Negativity is overcome through forgiveness, for by asking Allah for forgiveness, He keeps your faults with Himself so that you can forgive yourself. Allah did not forget, and what Allah loves, the Heavens and the Earth, the angels and believers will will seek to preserve, so strive with beautiful patience and trust in Him.


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