Summertime Quran Reading

For parents who have their children home for the summer holidays and have planned traveling during this vacation, please put in some effort to make Qur’an recitation a part of their holidays.It doesn’t have to be an elaborate plan, just a simple plan should keep you afloat in the holidays.

For example:

For 4-7 years old: 1 page

For 8-11 years old: 2 pages

For 12-14: 3 pages

And so on starting with the 30th juzz. By the end of the summer holidays, the children will have at least covered the last juzz at the very least and up to 9/10 juzz if the older ones stick to a plan. Don’t let the worldly distractions get in the way of connecting with your Lord.

And there’s nothing wrong with it if you join in to encourage your children to recite more, even take this up as a family activity.

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